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Dianne 2013

If you’ve been subscribed to “DIY Decorating Addict” App/Magazine for a while you know a little about me and for those who are new here’s my story:

My name is Dianne Corriere. “DIY Decorating Addict” is a project close to my heart and a concept that’s evolved out of my love of home decorating and “addiction” to home design/decorating shows on HGTV and The DIY Network. The purpose of “DIY Decorating Addict” is to showcase wonderful and creative DIY’ers who blog about their projects. Think of it as a Curation of DIY projects. I also love that I can seriously indulge my “addiction” to everything DIY!

My earliest recollection of DIYing is when I was a teenager. I painted my bedroom a very ugly shade of brown. I didn’t care that it was ugly. I did it myself and I was proud of it.

I dabbled some more in college by turning an old sewing machine cabinet into a make-up table. I painted it with an “antiquing kit” that I bought from the 5 and dime store – there was no Home Depot or Lowes. My Dad helped me change the lid on the top to opening toward the back instead of the side. I put a mirror on the lid and shelves in the “hole” where the sewing machine used to be. I was so proud of this too. Over the years I’ve painted and refurbished and sewed a number of great projects.

Now, I publish “DIY Decorating Addict” and showcase my projects and projects from other DIYers. If you scroll through the list of issues I have you will see one that says “Sample”. This contains the dining room chair recover project I did for a friend. The Sample is FREE, so download it and take a look. I wish I had more time to do more projects. I have a long list of ones that are just waiting for me to tackle.

My second passion is computers. I had a great career as a computer programmer for many years. Although I was working for large companies I really enjoyed working with computers all day. Now I just work for myself on my computer at home and I am very happy with that arrangement. Yes, I am a geek and so is my husband which makes for a solid relationship. Round that all out with 2 beautiful cats and one great dog – that is our family!

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  1. Love this! Stumbled across your app in the App Store. I own a shop called Small Town Cozy in Utah, but started out as a blog. I have been a Diyer as long as i can remember. Recently started Getting back into the blogging.

  2. Michele Clevering says:

    what a terrific photo! I love your story. You write engagingly.
    I have to wait till I’m on my computer at home before I can subscribe.
    Beautiful cover art.

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