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Choosing Home Decorating Fabric

When decorating your home, the fabric that you choose is often times one of the main contributors to the authenticity of the overall theme. It is therefore important that you choose the right decorating fabric that compliments the theme of your interior design. This could be a tedious task, as there are various types of home decorating fabric. Therefore, before you embark on your search, it is best that you consult some sources like home decorating magazines, books or websites for guidance.

Choosing Home Decorating FabricCertain themes have specific requirements as regards the type of fabric you use. For example, Victorian themes tend to be quite extravagant and feminine; therefore the fabric you use should have those characteristics. Fabric used for bedding and curtains should be heavy and luxurious. Fabrics such as velvet and brocade are therefore ideal for a Victorian themed design. Authenticity can also be added to your Victorian theme by including accessories such as ribbons, bows, lace and beads to trim the material.

With a Modern Theme, the décor tends to be more bold and vibrant as this theme is based on an open concept using spacious rooms. The spacious setting is such that it is intended to highlight specific aspects of the design. Using bold and vibrant colors in your choice of decorating fabrics for curtains, slip covers or throw pillows will certainly catch the eye in a modern, spacious room in contrast with light colors on the walls.

The Oriental theme- an increasingly popular home decorating choice- is a unique design which incorporates various features from the Asian culture. These include Chinese dragons, elephants, fans, screens and other features, the variety of which often gives the room a distinctive touch. Silk is usually the fabric of choice for an Oriental theme while colors such as coral, red, ivory, jade and the like, match both the theme and the fabric perfectly as they beautifully compliment rich, dark wood furniture usually associated with Oriental decorating.

Home decorating fabric is much like icing on a cake; it adds beauty to create a completed masterpiece. Adding the right decorating fabric to compliment handsome furniture in a room with beautifully colored walls could provide you with the perfect finishing touches to your home. Remember also that windows are focal points of any room as they provide a view to outside. This means that choosing the right decorating fabric in the right colors for your windows could also add significant attraction to the overall décor of the room.

Many department stores and home décor stores stock a wide variety of ready-made home decorating fabric such as slip covers, cushions, curtains, etc, making it easy for you to source them for your chosen theme. If you are a bit more creative, and wish to make your own, fabric stores also provide a wide array of fabric for you to choose from. Of course, if you are still in doubt as to which home decorating fabric to use or where you can get them, there is always the internet which provides endless resources for guidance and ideas.