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Won’t Be Bored. – 5 stars
by Ugdtuts – Version 5.0.2 – Apr 12, 2014
You certainly won’t when you open any copy of this magazine. Lots of projects to get your creative juices flowing and inspiration if you are stuck. Doesn’t matter what your skills level, the tutorials are easy to follow. Very good value for your money, well worth the six months subscription. Excellent

Practical & interesting – 5 stars
by Grfx9 – Version 5.0.2 – Apr 11, 2014
Great mag full of easy to follow tips, laced with humour!

Fun Do-able Projects – 5 stars
by Love My Biz – Version 5.0.2 – Apr 16, 2014
As a decorator wannabe, I really enjoy all the projects in this magazine. The instructions are all straightforward, and I like that the writers tell you where they goofed up and how they fixed it – makes me feel better about my own efforts!

DIY Decorating Attic – 5 stars
by DIY Marketing Graphics – Version 5.0.1 – Apr 12, 2014
This magazine is packed with seasonal and year round types of DIY projects, helpful photos and supply lists. I like the variety of projects and am looking forward to the next issue.

Loved the Magazine – 5 stars
by AwbussioDIY – Jan 28, 2014
This maga one has lots of great DIY ideas! Loved the dumpster Diving Diva section!

Excellent how-to guides, very creative – 5 stars
by reyman22 – Jan 12, 2014
This magazine is packed with creative guides, all of which are step by step and easy to follow. I was surprised at how many there are in a single issue. Great value and highly recommended.

Great Ideas!  – 5 stars
by L5965 – Dec 21, 2013
I love this magazine. As a long-time DIYer and crafter, I’m always looking for new ideas. This magazine is packed with inspiration and easy-to-follow projects anyone could enjoy, even if you’re not crafty. If you have a home you want to decorate, I highly recommend DIY Decorating Addict.

DIY To the Max! – 5 stars
by SleepDeprivedDada – Dec 17, 2013
What an incredible resource for every Do It Yourselfer! This magazine is packed with fabulous content and easy to follow instructions. Vivid photos along with awesome video based instruction, makes this magazine a ‘Must Have’ for anyone interested in DIY! Bravo!

Made me lust after a reading nook… – 5 stars
by Sojourner1965 – Oct 27, 2013
I’m actually not a DIY addict–though I’d like to develop a bit more flair for DIY decorating projects in my home. I found this magazine to be delightful, accessible, and full of inspiration. Highly recommended.

Great DIY Magazine!! – 5 stars
by Djm10000 – Oct 24, 2013
Full of great ideas and projects with very clear instructions and useful tips. Well done – and I’m looking forward to the next one!